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  • On-hands Training in the areas of Biotechnology, Microbiology / Biochemistry / Molecular Biology / Life Sciences / Biomedical Engineering / Aquaculture, etc.,
  • Summer / Winter Training for college students
  • Internship training leading to placement
  • Job Assured Courses in Industrial Biotechnology
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Training programs for the new recruits for companies / industries in Biotechnology
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Training Programs.

On going research

We offer you:

  • Technology on Turn-key basis for many Aquaculture products such as Probiotics for Soli, water or feed, plankton growth promotoers or any product you require.
  • Develop products on Contract Research basis as per your requirement
  • Consultancy services in Biotechnology with international experts inputs
  • PCR products development, Next Generation DNA / RNA Sequencing Services, protein purification services, etc.,
  • Training and placement support on collaborative platforms with Universities and colleges


Marine Biotechnology:
1. Value added products from Marine wastes
2.Luciferine and Luciferase production from Photobacterium / Vibrio harvey


1. Nutraceuticals from seaweeds

2. Herbal nutraceuticals for human healthcare industry

Geomarine Biotechnologies