The following are the aquaculture products that are unique and has no equivalance:
 1, Herbosan, complete herbal sanitizer for multi use
2, Bon-bond, the first powder feed binder
3, Grand Pro, the probiotics for Shrimp hatchery
4,Pro-boost, any pribiotics booster
5, Proplankt, Phytoplankton promotor

6.Pedocure, the Soil Probiotics
We do not market any antibiotics or chemical based products as a matter of principle. For your kind attention: Many of the antibiotics are already banned in aquaculture operations and we definitely expect that very soon chemicals also would go away!

If you require any information on hazards of use of chemical sanitizers in aquaculture, contact us.

scientific & industrial  instruments and services

Our pioneering veterinary products in an attempt to avoid / minimize the antibiotics use in meat and eggs through use of Probiotics.

Geomarine Biotechnologies

Aquaculture Products

Veterinary Products

    We are the ones to develop and market the very first commercially viable indigenous probiotics for "Aquaculture" in India. Some of the microbes that are used are unique when compared to other probiotics available all over the world. The cattle and poultry probiotics formulations have a very unique composition compared to competitors products.

The first ever probiotics for shrimp culture to work effectively in the hyper saline area has been developed from marine bacteria and will be ready for market shortly. This, again makes us the first to develop "first ever probiotics of marine origin".

Our new Instruments division has started supply of various instruments for your research and Industrial needs.

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